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The Bloody Shield: Take a virtual ride along with a Homicide Team Leader as he investigates a murder series involving the oldest profession.  Ivan Weich tells the fictional story of Sergeant John West.  In addition to the crime series, West also has to solve other crimes as they occur in America's Finest City.  This book is available through Amazon.  Copies are also available locally at PakMail in East  Bremerton as well as at designated book signing parties.  

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The Beak at 1401
:   A sequel to The Bloody Shield.  West investigates a series of murders with a common thread; work.  He also has to work a cold case and get ready to transfer out of Homicide.  He also has a personal crisis at home.  The release is delayed as we are still in negotiation with a printer.  

Abduction of Justice: This short story is about a retiring union officer who is kidnapped while returning from a national union convention.  Sergeant West is assigned this case because the missing person is high profile and a high risk missing person.  The release is date delayed as the story is still in editing phase.  
Handcrafted items

We are in the final stages of testing our business processes for small leather items and other handcrafted items.  Items will include: belts, smart phone cases, iPhone cases, ID badge holders, badge cases, knife sheaths and pouches, pet leashes and collars, small cases, bolo ties, and wallets.  We do have some items available for sale at PakMail in East Bremerton.   We are in final stages of testing our operations.  


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