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Winter 2020 (weather permitting): We plan to have a booth at the Vintage Flea Market in Downtown Bremerton on Saturdays.  We will be selling our hand made small leather goods as well as hand made jewelry from Allyworks. 
March:  We have two murder mystery parties scheduled.  The first is a new release called
The Deadly Audit.  The second is Murder on the High Seas.  Please check back for details. 
May 1:  We plan to release our Author’s second story.  Watch for release of
The Beak at 1401
May 10 (Mother’s Day):  We plan to resume our Seasonal Auto Detailing.  Watch for details as we get closer. 
May 31: We plan to have our manufacturing operations fully functional:  Watch for details. 
July: We plan to have a booth at the Elks Car Show in East Bremerton. 
September: We plan to have a booth at the annual MannetteFest in Bremerton. 
October:  We plan to release our author’s third book; 
Absence of Justice