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Winter 2020 (weather permitting): We plan to have a booth at the Vintage Flea Market in Downtown Bremerton on Saturdays.  We will be selling our hand made small leather goods as well as hand made jewelry from Allyworks. 
March 18: We are scheduled to facilitate
Murder on the High Seas in East Bremerton.  
April 18:  We are scheduled to release our newest murder mystery party called The Deadly Audit.  
May 1:  We plan to release our Author’s second story.  Watch for release of
The Beak at 1401
May 10 (Mother’s Day):  We plan to resume our Seasonal Auto Detailing.  Watch for details as we get closer. 
May 31: We plan to have our manufacturing operations fully functional:  Watch for details. 
July: We plan to have a booth at the Elks Car Show in East Bremerton. 
September: We plan to have a booth at the annual MannetteFest in Bremerton. 
October:  We plan to release our author’s third book; 
Absence of Justice