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Murder Mystery Parties
Yes, murder can be fun!!

Murder Mystery Trailer

Why not have a murder mystery party for your next office party or corporate get together.  Our author will serve as a facilitator to keep the participants engaged.  You provide the volunteer actors, venue, food and beverage.  You are in charge of ticket sales and and/or invitations.  

We currently have one title available:

Murder on the High Seas:  A group of thugs are on the run from the law and seek refuge on a cruise to Rio.  The only problem is that the crew is just as crooked as they are.  While underway business is conducted, a rat is murdered and others can be murdered too.  

Under development:

The Deadly Audit: A lead auditor for the U. S. Dept. of Labor is murdered in the middle of an audit trip.  He was auditing union treasury books.  There are at least three suspects.  This theater is being designed as a combination of video and live performance.