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We have been faced with two major challenges this year.  First is the direction of the services we offer.  The second is the change in the method of service delivery.  

After careful review of the climate for murder mystery parties, we have chosen to change direction.  Given our owner’s years of experience in leatherwork, we have decided to incorporate leatherwork into the company.  In terms of products, we plan to offer small leather goods manufactured.  Future plans call for sales of leatherwork kits, supplies, lacing, stains and dyes.  At the same time, we plan to offer simple leather care and simple repairs.  On a seasonal basis, we are planning to offer car detailing (car wash and interior cleaning of cars). 
Our second challenge was a change in service delivery.  We have moved.  While we have no storefront operation, we are available by telephone and email contact.  Future plans call for delivery of products in the Kitsap County area.   We also have a UPS account and we are looking to expand. 
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Ivan E Weich


Bud Communications LLC

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